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My Story (so far)...

I'm a former IT Systems Analyst with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from West Virginia University. How I went from art to computers is a differnt story but, suffice to say, about forty years ago, I found another creative path to walk - writing fiction, particularly speculative fiction.


Though I grew up drawing and painting, my relationship with creating visual art was one of a love/hate or even bi-polar nature. I'd furiously work on a painting or an etching for weeks and then do nothing for months.


With writing, I've found my true passion. It's like painting with words, creating something out of nothing. I try to write every day, reveling in the worlds, settings, characters and situations I envision. I love to tell stories.


Inspired initially by comic books, action-oriented television shows, authors Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ray Bradbury, and Andre Norton, I've sold my short work to various online and print markets including:


Penumbra                                      SQ Magazine

Tower of Light Fantasy                       Raw Terror

Anotherealm                                   Abaculus III

M-Brane SF                                     Triangulation

TVGods: Summer Programming            Twisted Cat Tales 

Afterburn SF                                  Shoreline of Infinity

Noctober                                Beyond the Karman Line

Polis: Tales of the One City               

A collection of some of my short stories/novellas based in the Magus Star Rising universe are in my book Beyond the Numinous.




Larry.Sigma Picture.jpg

My urban fantasy series, The SPIRIT WINDS QUARTET (The Sixth Precept, Warriors of the LIght, Orcus Unchained, and Return of the Luminous One), are published by IFWG Pubishing. All are available in print and ebook format.


"A Concerned Citizen," which is a companion short story to The Sixth Precept, is also available online in ebook format from IFWG, as are other of my self-published short work.


Thanks for your interest and support!



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