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AN ALTERED STATE – That’s what the act of writing, of creating something out of nothing, is to me.
I’m not making these stories, places, and characters up; I’m channeling them from alternate realities and parallel universes, following true protagonists’ adventures as they actually happen.
Shadow-Trackers, far-future Knights Templar, Priestess-Mages, Dragons, Vampires, Galactic Empires, Revenant Armies, Ice Lords. They’re all real.


As Shirley Jackson once said – “Come along with me.”

My new SF/Steampunk novella
from IFWG Publishing
to be released in September!

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June 1865:

The Dimensional Veil has been breached, allowing monsters from beyond the Numinous to enter the human world of the Gaia American Union. They are the Eelees: reptilian invaders who blasted a dimensional pathway from their own realm into the human world in pursuit of conquest.

Riding their monstrous spider-mounts, they begin a war with humanity that still rages seven years later. By sheer force of will, determination, and the resurgent powers of magic and technology, the Gaia Defense Coalition has forced a stalemate, but with little hope of a final victory.


Five disparate souls struggle to survive in this dangerous, new world: Nurse Matron Miriam Kosanavic, serving aboard the hospital train Aesculapius; Lakota “Demon Hunter” and ornithopter pilot Sky Wolf and his spirit-brother, the white cougar Torra; Jom, an escaped human prisoner from the Eelees, harboring a startling secret; and an Eelee shapeshifter who may be more powerful than anyone realizes.


And amid the chaos, a young orphan girl named Hope strives to find her voice, to sing a song for the future of humans and Eelees alike.


After a visit to the Railroad Depot Museum in Dennison, Ohio several years ago, I was struck by the town’s history during the second World War. From the Museum’s website (


“Recognized as a National Historic Landmark, the Dennison Railroad Depot is the most significant remaining example in the nation of a railroad canteen still reflecting its WWII heritage. During WWII, 1.3 million service members were served free food by 4,000 working volunteers at the Dennison Depot Salvation Army Servicemen’s Canteen. These service men and women traveled by troop train along the National Defense Strategic Railway and stopped at the Depot as they were going off to fight in the war.”


Parts of the museum were actual train cars containing exhibits you walked through, including one of a hospital train car. I was inspired immediately to write a story based on this and, with my love for “portal stories,” and a touch of steampunk, “Hope’s Song” was born.


Also from IFWG Publishing:

My urban fantasy/time travel series:


The Adventures of Kim Yoshima

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Now available from Amazon: expanded and revised edition of Reunion at Olan.


I have stories in two recent anthology releases from Zombies Need Brains
and Air and Nothingness Press:

"Migration Season" and
"A Light in the Fair."


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My Galactic Nexia series includes:

The first 2 books in the Magus Star Trilogy.

The third book, The Conjure Enigma,

is forthcoming.

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Further adventures in the Galactic Nexia universe:

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